3.4 Extent of Potential Forest Cover in the South (c. 1630)

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Extent of Potential Forest Cover in the South (c. 1630)*
Percent forest cover by county
75% and greater
* Based on estimates and mapped onto modern county lines to serve as a reference. Southern forests were most likely not a single contiguous block of tree cover in 1630. Like other forests, southern forests are naturally dynamic. Natural and human-induced fires and other natural disturbances such as hurricanes and ice storms likely created periodic openings in the tree canopy. Where these openings were in 1630, however, is unknown. Canopy openings shift over time due to new disturbances and regrowth via natural succession. Sources: WRI analysis on potential forest cover (Global Forest Watch, 1997), administrative boundaries (ESRI Data and Maps 9.3.1, ESRI, 2008).
50 100
400 Miles

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